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Still Summer

Considering how frigid last winter was I'm not complaining about the heat these days - I'd rather a lingering summer than a winter that sticks around for too long.  And nice weather is always better for all the outdoor festivals and markets that come through the city in the summer; I'm looking forward to Expo Latino, the Moonlight Market, and the Calgary Night Market later this month and Beakerhead in September.  I've also been out in the mountains hiking, climbing, and camping, and planning on doing more.  

This means that there are no pop ups scheduled for the next two months.  Many people besides myself are out of town, on holiday, and/or are gearing up for going back to school - it doesn't make sense to host a pop up if only a few people can attend.  The pop ups will start up again in October with fall/winter collections to showcase.  

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