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Retrospective: 2017 Fashion Resolution

Back in January 2017 I decided to see if I could go the entire year without buying any clothing, footwear, or accessories - I did not succeed!  While I was initially disappointed in my lack of self-discipline, in retrospect it really taught me a few lessons in not only why I shop but also how.  Despite the fact that I've been keeping a curated closet for several years now this experiment showed me how much I can still learn about my own shopping habits.  

What first caused me to go shopping again last year was the need to replace items that had worn out or were broken beyond repair, footwear in particular.  This made me realize that I hadn't been as careful as I could've been when I first purchased them - checking for things like a non-slip sole, reinforced seams (particularly in sport and outdoor footwear), and avoiding materials that don't hold up to Calgary's ice, snow, and inevitable salt and slush (like suede).  While I'm already in the habit of waiting a…

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